April 2014
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Game progress! week 5

Last time, I planned to work on these goals:

For next week, I’d like to make some concrete progress on implementing this feature. So, I’ll set up several combinations of visual effects and get the multiple hidden timers working. If I have time, I’ll also move on to troubleshooting the feature.

Well, over the last two weeks (or the last few days, since getting back from travelling), I finished with the visual effects, set up the timers, and fixed some random (unrelated) bugs I found while testing. Choosing visual effects mostly involved testing different combinations of effects, sometimes with hilarious results.  A few times, I randomly came across a combination that didn’t work for the particular set I was working on at that time, but which I reused for another mode or event. The timers are set up and do count, but I haven’t implemented them into the feature outside of testing, yet.

Clearly, this post is a week late. In previous weeks, when I had something else going on, I managed to meet my goals with whatever time was left. In fact, for GDC, I worked ahead the previous week and met my goals just before leaving town. This worked well for a while, but by the third week in a row of insufficient free time, I had so many other (more important) things that needed to be done that I didn’t get to put any time toward my game before leaving town. It’s obvious in retrospect, but while these strategies might work for a week or two, they do have limits. So, I’ll try to avoid having so many consecutive weeks of business and travel in the future, if possible. If it happens again, I’ll see about setting goals I can work on with just paper and a few minutes of free time here and there. Anyway, other than the time issue, I had a lot of fun working on my game. This week mainly involved troubleshooting and playing around with different options for the visual effects and the timers, which I enjoyed, and I had a good time trying to catch up over the weekend.

Over the next week, I’ll work on finalizing and troubleshooting the feature. If I have extra time, I’ll continue working on the sprite for character #2.

Mountain Path part 3

Grizzly misses Mirage

Grizzly the bear remembers the town tune from Mirage

Mountain Path part 2

Rhonda lives in a new town now

Mayor Leigh visits Rhonda the rhinoceros in Mirage

Time to go on a walk

Two minifigs leaving the house

Mountain Path part 1


Favorite villagers live on in my town

Grizzly the bear is moving to Daydream

A quiet moment

minifig standing by a small pool or a hot tub

Rhonda is leaving unexpectedly

Rhonda the rhinoceros has packed her things and is leaving todayMayor ift invites Rhonda the rhinoceros to his town

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